Why this newsletter?

From An Engineer Sight is a newsletter about data, engineering, and design.

Looking for quality curated links or ideas among the broad amount of resources available online is somewhat difficult. The engineering mindset is often hidden and underrated, still, it’s a key component in data-science and in our global digitalized society.

Reaching out to share thoughtful concepts and blend themes together with more than 240 characters is still a challenge.

So here is this newsletter!

What’s in this newsletter?

Expected Contents

Blogposts, links, or tools related to data or tech I found pretty useful and innovative.

It will cover many themes such as machine learning, data-ops, analytics, data visualization, ELT/ETL, software development, cloud providers, global tech issues, etc... I will share with you my views and try to extend those to new ideas of application.

The goal here is not to be updated with the last tool or blogpost. It’s often more profitable to share hidden and quality resources, not enough advertised.

The Blogpost

Free access to a personal blog post about a theme that thrives me and I want to dive into. Either a technical subject or a more abstract vision.

Beyond The Bracket

A non-tech-related resource that helped me create new ideas and improve my works. It could be anything from design, graphics, engineering, books, movies, or even music perspectives.

The Coulisse

This is coming soon.


How much does it cost?

From An Engineer Sight is totally free.

What do I get when I subscribe?

One issue every 4 weeks or so.

About me

I’m a full-stack data engineer, passionate about the field and its challenges. I have worked within different industries such as journalism, retail, professional sport, and music.

Through these missions, I have learned that sharing about our own experiences is very powerful to help others make their own way but also to evolve ourselves.

Like many in the same positions, I love to mix ideas from different themes and influences to build creative solutions in my projects.

I'm very open to new ideas so if you see some pitfalls or just want to share resources, don’t hesitate to reach me by email at pimpaudben@gmail.com.

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